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Smart Learning Management System

Harmonising Education with Smart LMS

About  Us

Since inception we always knew what we want to do –

To be the EduTech Company of Choice for our Customers!


 We strive to be the best in the EduTech sector. 

Our EduTech Solutions are among the Best in the Market. 

We do not design them differently; we revolutionalize them.

Our solutions are carefully crafted with unique UX and UI to be enjoyable to use. 


We are the unwavering partner to our customers.

We are competent, committed, agile and passionate. 

We relish challenges, deliver promises and exceed expectations.

We are your EduTech Company of Choice!

Quality SODAS

Our Guiding Principles

What sets us apart from other companies is our Steadfast Belief in our Guiding Principles


Customers demand            Software



Customers love Software



Our                     to give Customers Flexibility

Own Software


Customers need                                   Support

Dependable & Reliable


                           - Customers need more than just IT Systems

Advice & Suggest


Customers’ Data & System              cannot be Compromised


Customers demand quality software that is free from bugs and defects.  Our designers and programmers work hard to design it right the first time.  We invest more hours into quality checks and testing than most people do.  We deliver quality software from the word go.

We placed our customers’ data and system security above all else as we understand just how important it is to keep their data secure.  

Our customers know what they need.  We guide them to get there! Our experienced consultants and business analysts not only look at customers’ business processes, but also advise, suggest and recommend how these processes can be realigned, streamlined and re-engineered.

Nothing irked the customers more than unhelpful IT support team.  We truly understand that.  We filled our technical support team with outstanding and highly competent staff, trained to understand each customer’s unique requirements to deliver prompt support.

We own our software.  We have total flexibility to make changes to our software to meet our customers’ needs.  This gives our customers the assurance and flexibility, knowing that their needs can be met expeditiously

Software simplicity makes for lovable software.  It’s difficult to make software simple.  But, we are good at it!

We programme complex software algorithms and processes, but present them in intuitive and easy to use UX and UI.

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