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Products & Services

We deliver smart and innovative Education and Sports solutions.  Our solutions are modular, yet integrated. They are highly configurable to meet Customer's unique requirements, and for easy integration with Customer's existing systems via iPaaS, JSON, XML, CSV, and more. 

Our solutions can be implemented as a SaaS model, Cloud hosted on Customer's Private Cloud or On-Premise.

We also develop bespoke solutions and mobile applications for Customers from numerous industries. 

We have accumulated years of experience in designing, management and providing support for Cloud Services for our Customers. 


D-iLMS Integrated Learning Management System - smart and innovative solutions to grow your training and education business, streamline your processes and meet authorities requirements. 


D-Sports Track and Field Management System and D-Sports Gymnastics Management System - to automate the administration, scoring and instant publishing of large scale Track and Field and Gymnastics meets. 


We provide consulting, development and implementation services to transform on-premise software to cloud solutions, set-up, manage and support cloud services, develop customized applications to meet business needs, and integrate legacy systems to cloud solutions.  

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