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Online Assessment & Proctoring System

D-Genio is an AI-based Online Assessment and Proctoring System.  The system covers the full assessment lifecycle of a learner from online application and payment, rescheduling, withdrawal, reassessment, receipt/invoice, e-certificate and detailed reports, course recommendations, and more. 


D-Genio Candidate Cockpit provides candidates a real time bird's eye view of their assessment status allowing them to keep track of each questions, time remaining, etc.  Salient features of the Candidate Cockpit include:

  • Unique Graphical Question Status Tracking Matrix

  • Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) Friendly

  • Flagged Questions Indicator

  • Balance Time Reminder

  • Auto Saved Feature

  • Immediate Result Display

D-Genio caters to multiple assessment and question types.  The system supports MCQs, Scenario MCQs, Essay Questions, Checklist Type Questions, Fill-in-the-Blanks and more.  Each question can have multiple tagging including Body of Competency (BoC), Level of Difficulty (LoD), Question Pool, etc for reports and analysis.  D-Genio smart logic ensures that each candidate questions are randomized.  

D-Genio Assessment Administration Portal enables training providers and assessment centres to effective manage their assessment administration including:

  • Candidate Registration 

  • Applications Approval, Rescheduling and Withdrawal

  • Online Payment

  • Receipt / Invoicing

  • Assessment Questions 

  • Assessments and Fixed / Randomised Paper Sets

  • Assessments Scheduling including scheduling of Assessments Venues/Rooms

  • Scheduling of Invigilators, Assessors, Moderators

  • Auto Publishing of Assessment Schedules to Website

  • Assessment Results and Reports including Moderation of Assessor's Scores and Session

  • e-Certificates 

  • Blockchain Certificate & Verification

D-Genio provides various Analytics and Candidate Reports

  • Candidates Competency Analysis Report

  • Assessment Summary Report for Multiple Papers

  • Candidates Detailed Answers Report

  • Item Difficulty Report

  • Session Mean & Standard Deviation Report

  • Candidates Survey Report

  • Invigilator Report

D-Genio Proctoring System is AI-Based and comes with multiple smart features and functions: 

  • Secure Browser

  • Device Compatibility Checks 

  • Candidate Verifications

  • AI-Based Alerts

  • Invigilator Dashboard with Smart Array Display showing multiple Candidates' Live Webcam, Real time Candidates' Compter Screens, Alerts, etc,  Invigilator can also do a One-to-One/Multi Chat, Mute/Unmute Candidates, etc.

  • Recording Option

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